Monday, March 30, 2009

Fab day

Yes, today was fab, especially this afternoon.

After Bex and I got Sydoux from school, we all went to Jetton Park, which has a beach (on a lake). It was awesome. The kids had a blast, and the adults could talk with just about no interuption. It is sooo nice to spend the afternoon in the company of great Ladies while the kids play. I don't think I could ever ask for anything more. I did feel a little guilty for being once again the one with no snacks. Tomorrow I AM going to Trader Joes and will fill up on snacks to bring to playfun.

Once we got home, Bex played with Jack and Sydoux rant to Sierra. Can't stop the kids!!!

Bex did fall asleep on the way back from the beach .... hihihi he does get worn out!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

And we took the tv away.

By that, I don't mean they have lost tv privs. for a certain amount of time, I mean we physically took the tv away from the playroom and put it in our bedroom. No more tv for them.

Why would we do that?

1. Sydoux was such a **** after watching tv. Complaining, whining, bored and always HUNGRY.

2. She had totally stopped wanting to play. It was either watch tv or whine.

Guess I got tired of the whine. Sure it was nice to have them do something on their own for 30 to 60 minutes. It was not nice enough though to cover for the rest of the time.

We took it away yesterday, and really, they have not asked for it. Must say that we also cleared their rooms, moved toys around, made things more fun.
Right now, they are in Bex' room playing in the tent pretending to take pictures with a piece of foam.

And that is the point. Pretending. Imagination. They had pretty much stopped all of that play. They were getting too lazy to imagine, to pretend. That bugged me. So away went the tv.


Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is Friday. It's raining. I've taken the Seattle way and decided to do stuff anyways. I don't think I can just stay inside and wait for better days anymore. We are having 5 days of rain in a row. Unheard of around here.

Both kids are home on Fridays and we try usually try to go to the pool. That is what we did today. We got to the gym at the same time as Noelle and Owen did, which was fun for the kids.

Once we got to the pool, there was a game of pool volleyball going on. The players invited us to play and we did. The kids had fun watching. It was a little unnerving at first, because of the water making it hard to get to the ball!!!!!

Bex will be 3 soon, and will start swimming lessons. Sydoux can swim, just not long distance. The kids are growing!!

Bex playing with Legos while Sydoux is at Owen's.

The kids thinking it is soooo much fun being in the crate with Maesi and George.

Bex playing with George's tail. G was such a good sport.

G is our new dishwasher ... to Bex' delight.

Bex and his friend Jacob playing superheroes outside.

A day (seems like ages) with no rain. Dylan's grandmother had gotten him this awesome ant farm (the green thing between D and Sydoux). We spent the afternoon collecting ants for it.
L. mentioned that one had crocked. Sydoux got the general meaning of the word ... but then asked if this ant had 'crocked again'??!!!

Tonight, George went back to him home. We are all a little sad.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a rotten day

First of all, it is raining. I don't like the rain and the cold that it brings. It is the end of March and it should be WARM, BALMY weather, not wet.

Took Sydoux to school, and Bex piched a fit, because she wanted to be walked in and he wanted to do the carpool lane. He cried the whole way to the door in front of which I left him crying. Kissed Sydoux good day, and this lady tells me that I can't leave him there, alone.... still crying. Back to the car, crying the whole way.

We were planning on going to Noelle's house and play, but I told him I'm not taking him after such a tantrum. More crying. I get him into the house and do some much needed housework. He is playing with his legos, very nicely. He asks to go to Noelle's (Owen house, Mommy, go Owen house). Since he has noticebly calmed down for the past hour, I call Noelle and we are on our way.

Ahh, a breather right? No, he pees his pants ... too involved to stop and pee. Of course, as the day as gone, I don't have a change with me (It has been well over 4 months since he had an 'accident'). Noelle is out of pants, so there he is in short in 40 degree raining weather.

We take the boys to chik-fil-a to get some energy out, and some talking time for us. The food is so NASTY. Also, I burn my tongue on their damn burning hot coffee ... I was trying to warm up. Which brings up the issue that I don't have a coat for this nasty weather. Everything is either too hot, not rain proof, or rainproof but not warm arhhhhhhhh
I trade the nasty burning coffee for a waterdown coke. Did I mention I hate chicken sandwiches?????

Anyways, we go pick up Sydoux who had a great time at school.

We go home, still raining.

Sydoux watches a movie, and Bex tired, would neither sleep not watch tv with Sydoux. So I play a video game with him. I'm tired but whatever.

Jon calls saying that there is birthday cake at the office. Of course I pack the kids and go. What is a Mom to do in with this nasty weather??!!

I can't remember why, but Bex pitches another fit. Oh yeah I remember, he wacked Sydoux with a play sword (that Owen left behind) and pitched a fit when I took it away. SO now they are both crying, one because of the wack, the other because of the lack of sword. I tell you, my hand was itching to wack something/someone.

So we get to the office. They have a cupcake. They want more. They don't get more. We go to bestbuy. I wanted a mic so I can talk with my online game. Bex pitches another fit. I fix it by putting him in the stroller.

Did I mention that by then my nerves are totally fried??

I wanted to go get a jacket but with those two and my state of mine, I decide to go home.

Maybe I am punishing myself, but then I take the kids and the dogs for a stroll. Let it be known that pushing two (cranky) kids in a stroller, with two dogs on a rainy day is no picknick. Sydoux cried because she was cold. Bex cried because Sydoux was holding Maesi. Then he cries because he can't hold George (who pulled him right out of the stroller ... almost).

We get home. Jon is home. I'm sooo tired. He makes dinner. I don't even move from my chair. He puts the kids in the bath. He leaves for work (yeah, again). The mic that I bought is too short. I'm going to have to return it.

I take the kids out of the bath. The floor is so flooded.

They are watching tv. Im tired.

Jon says to be thankfull for the little things: tea was good, my new IKEA chair is awesome.

Oh did I mention I got a D on my last assignment. sigh.

Tomorrow will be better.sigh


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our guest: George.

For the past couple of days, we have had a guest. He is 4 years old, 70 pounds and light brown in color. His name is George and he is a boxer mix dog.

To sum up how everyone feels about George, Sydoux asked today if we could keep him for ever.

George listens, does not jump on people, walks nicely and best of all, keep Maesi very very busy.

Since George has a couple of pounds to loose, he was initially very tired. All the play with Maesi, plus the attention from the kids, it was hard work for him.

He has been here four days now, and I can see a change. A little quicker on his feet, not so tired at the end of the day.

Ok. Just got a new chair (YES, from IKEA). So more blogging tomorrow.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today in the car:

Sydoux: what do you want to watch?
Bex: wo'pets.
S: cool, I want to watch wonder pets too


Bex: Jacob wobak

took us a week to figure out: Jacob, I'll be right back


Bex: wait me Mommy, wait me


Today after I asked if they had a good time playing with their friends

Bex: yes me fun play Evan long time me


Miss Stefifi = Miss Stephanie (his teachers assistant)


Yeah, today we got Jon back. He was in an intensive training class up in MS. The kids were psyched to go to the airport and wait for him. Wait they did, cuz his plane was 30 minutes delayed because ... yeah ... more rain.

Anyways, we are all home safe, sound and happy.

Looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Today Monday

I peeked at the alarm clock ... 7.30 am ... no kids ... sleep
I peeked at the alarm clock ... 8.10 am ... no kids ... sleep

Sydoux comes in at 8.20 all sleepy eyed. I lift the cover so she can come in and cuddle.

Sydoux: Mom, where is Bex
Me: in his bed sweety.
S: are you sure?
M: well, he's not here, so yeah he is there (sleepy logic right??!!)
S: I don't think he is there ....

soft snoring noises coming from down below

I peek down below ... low and behold, there is Bex sleeping on the pallet. AHHH

1. Bex went straight to the pallet without waking me up.
2. Bex slept past 8 whooohooo

We then had 20 minutes to get dressed and breakfast to drive Sydoux to school.

After that N.'s mom came by so we can fix her monitor problem.

Off to BestBuy.

On a side note, N. had bought a monitor with webcam for Skyping. And the sales lady knew that.

On a second side note, the problem is that the mic is not working. I've already been to her house, could not get it to work. Went to bestbuy (and ask if there really was a mic in the monitor, got a yes) and then went back to the house and still could not get it to work.

Now I'm at bestbuy with N's mom, Bex and the big ass box of the monitor. The nice man at cutomer service tells me that there is NO mic in the monitor.

I then walk to the lady, tell her that the monitor she sold her has NO MIC. She does not believe me, what ever. I pick another monitor. Oh but it is not in stock. When will you have it? Thursday. Can you keep one in my name (given that you have messed up so much so far). No, can't do that <-----MAD----->

Now, how am I going to explain that it is not even on my credit card, and then come back and buy a new one??? I didn't say anything. When asked if I was N., and smiled and said yes. Asked for a store credit and walked out.


Can I say that any apple computer comes with an integrated camera that WORKS. With sounds??!!!

At least when I got home, I played a nice video game with Bex: Little Big Planet. All four of us like to play. Family time right?????

Then we got Sydoux from school, and got some donut holes and headed to Noelle's house. The kids played AWESOME. It was sooo nice to watch. And I had a great time talking with my friend, with no interuptions. ahhh they ARE getting older!!!!

Sydoux wanted some chicken nuggets for dinner, so we stopped at harris teater on the way back. Got that and a couple of things. Made dinner, which they both ate (which is getting more and more rare!!).

After bath I had a double surprise for them.

Sydoux had worried that Jon would forget her while he was gone. So I asked him to make a little video and email it to us. It worked out sooooo cool. The kids could see Jon's hotel room and him, and I could tell that they both fell better afterwards.

Second surprise was a Wii video game for Sydoux: Enchanted Princess. She looooooved it. We played for a while, then read a book and now they are in bed.

I'm ready for bed.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

I forgot x2

There was a nice story with my IKEA thing. We went there with our friends, and the girls had a great time, and I was going to post a picture of them, and that was idea.

So I forgot to include our fun family with friends trip.

Then I forgot my phone, with the picture. So I can show the fun trip. And I can't show Jon's departure picture. Yes he is gone. 4 days training up north.

Instead I'll show some bath time pictures because the kids were cracking me up.

Sydoux with her new towel that matches her chair color. It also has a matching hock. Yes, it is from IKEA.

Bex showing he can scream!!!! Inside voice Jon tells him all day.

Sydoux surfing in the tub.

Them surfing together. Bex is still a little leery of the water ....

They are starting to look alike no????

Why I love IKEA.


I get this question a lot lately, why do you love IKEA so much????

I can answer that in one word: efficiency.

First of all, I have an obsession with efficiency. Every thing in my life is geared towards maximum efficiency. It might not be apparent to everyone, but it is there, behind everything, every decision, every move.

Second, IKEA is THE MOST efficient store in the whole wide world. Everything is package to fit together, taking as less space as possible.
The products are made to be used together and to complement each other.

The layout of the store if fabulous.

The food is great.

The kids love it.

I could go on and on about why I love this store, but I think if you visit it once, you would understand it too.

Unrelated funnies:

Sydoux: Mommy you are a sixsix (success).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ode to my Husband.


I want to say it high and clear.

Everything about him makes me love him more. Every year that goes by I love him a little more. The way he scratches his nose with his whole hand, the way he needs his socks a special way.

Most of all, I love his spirit and the way we function together.

He does not complains about the state of the house.
He does not makes me feel guilty about staying at home with the kids, in fact, he thanks me and appreciate what I try to do.
He does not berates me in public or in front of friends and family.
He does not cheat, or gamble.
He is not rude to my friends, or try to hit on them, or make them feel bad.

He helps with the kids.
He helps with the grocery shopping.
He has great goals and works hard for our family.

He makes me feel loved.

I love my husband.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh the energy.

It was soooo nice out. Sydoux was blowing bubbles for Maesi to catch while Bex was taking a rare nap.

Sydoux was sooooo excited about having Gab and Jenna come over. They arrived mid afternoon and the kids were on them like flies on honey. They wanted to talk, to play, to jump on the trampoline. We all went on the trampoline and Gab would make us bounce soooo high, I was dying laughing!

It is a great thing that Gab and Jenna are AWESOME with the kids:

They played Sydoux' favorite game of Duck Duck Goose. She was having such a good time.

Then we did our usual walk about the neighborhood with Maesi. Maesi is doing sooo well on the walks, I'm really happy that she is getting it.

Once Jon got back, we really wanted G&J to try Rockband.
The kids wanted to play too of course. Bex kept challenging Jon and wanting the mic.
Jenna was great at the drums, Gab rocked the guitare. Fun Fun Fun

We finally got Bex to sit and watch!!!!

After all the excitement, finally some resting and thumb sucking!!!!

We all had dinner outside, a hodge podge of things. Sometimes the food does not matter too much when you have great company!!!! I even manage to drink THREE beers (non alcoholic of course ;)

We are seriously hoping that G&J can stop by on the way back and stay a little longer. It is just so nice to have family around. We often feel isolated, and having visitors has just been awesome.

Today my friend N. and I went to IKEA. So sad that she is leaving this Friday.
Anyways, Bex and H. were stuffing their face with ice cream and hotdogs!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fab weekend.

Yes it was fab weather wise, but we both had to work and we are EXHAUSTED.

The kids had a blast playing outside, soaking up the sun.

Couple of pictures:

We are waiting for Gab and Jenna today. They will spend the night here and then continue their journey to New Orleans.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Granpa Jack, Ice cream and Treasure hunt

Granpa Jack, Ice cream and Treasure hunt: well that pretty much sums up the last few days.

GJ came for a visit, arriving Wednesday morning. We went to IKEA, I had a few things to buy and had lunch there, GJ, Bex and I.

Then we went for ice cream: Sydoux and Bex are on the 'Star System'. When they listen, are pleasant, and follow directions, they get a Star. Once they reach 10 Stars, they get a prize of their choice. More often than not, Sydoux will pick a trip to the ice cream store. Bex gets an ice cream too. He chose (by my recommandation) a box of legos for his prize. Sydoux got one too :).
Here they are eating their ice cream. (pink for her, blue for him)

Then we got home and GJ started the Treasure hunt. Bex was still passed out sleeping (a rarety) through the first part. Jack hid the eggs throughout the living room in plain sight. Well it did not take long for Miss Chocolate Lover to find them all. Now the funny thing is that she wanted a new Treasure Hunt, again and again, with the same eggs. Sure she wanted to eat some (which she did) but she found it more fun to go look for them. Ahhhh so cute.

Then Bex got into the action.

Then next day, Jack and I went to run errands while the kids were at school. We had lunch at IKEA (yes, again, I feel a post coming about why I love that place so much) with Jon. So weird to be with just adults.

Anyways, the whole visit was great, the kids had a blast. They wished Granpa Jack well, promised to go and visit him soon, and said they were looking forward to seeing him in April.

Then I took a 2 hour nap.

Next visit: we are looking forward to having Gab and Jenna on Tuesday.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dozort anyone?

Bex: dozort dozort
Me: yes, you can have desert.
B: I Cream, I cream, I cream
M: ok, ice cream yes.
B: pinkles pinkles
M: pickles?
B: pinkles, me pinkles
M: ah sprinkles?
B: yes pinkles.

I feel like a translator again!!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day.

It would be our 3rd of the year, but really the first good one we have had since we moved to NC.
Last night, as it was snowing (and the kids were in bed) Maesi went outside and tried to eat the snow. I guess it was her first real snow day!

Here are some pictures:

Bex and his best friend Jakob (our neighbor).

Bex and his version of a snow ball. Of course no one told him that a 'snow ball' is a ball made out of snow. So for him, a 'ball' with snow on it was a 'snow ball'.... anyways.

Sydoux making snow balls.

Bex much happier with borrowed snow mittens. The mittens were two left, but he never noticed ... or cared!

The kids with the snowmen they build with the neighbors. Kelly showed Sydoux how to roll a snowball into a big snowball, and she got the hang of it.

Sydoux rolling. Kelly showed Sydoux how to roll a snowball into a big snowball, and she got the hang of it.

There was no school today, thanks to the snow. Hopefully there will be school tomorrow.
Also, Grandpa Jack is coming for a visit on Wednesday.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We love visits!

Yes we do!!! Guigui stopped on her way back North and it was great. The kids know who she is, and remember her from us visiting New York. Sydoux kept asking about Guigui's brothers. Now that is funny to me, because 1. Guigui does not have any brothers 2. she has two sons!!! Once, G. came with her sons (and husband), and Sydoux remembers them as brothers.

Unfortunetly it was raining so we did not get to have the picnic at Latta Plantation that we had planned. We did go for a walk, under the rain, it was still nice.

We spent most of the day by the fire, warming up and drinking tea :)

Later that night we watched 'Body of Lies' . It was nice to have an adult conversation with G. and Jon about the movie. We do miss that, and having guest is really a nice way to share and discuss information.

I got up after G. left, and first thing Bex said was: Guigui go home, Mommy, home Guigui gone.

It was really nice to see the connection the kids and G. built, in a way similar to the one I built when I was living with her (and husband) and her sons. I also hope that my kids will continue their connections with the sons.

Saturday it rained allllll day.

Sunday it rained allllll day. We did manage to go to IKEA, which was packed. We are working on fixing up our bonus/play room into a play/guest room. Soooo we are planing on moving Sydoux' bed (which is a day bed) into the guest room. It comes with a trundle in case we have more than one guest. We would be getting Sydoux a new bed. Now we did pick one while we were there, and I wanted to show her. Of course, she went right for another one that is allllll PINK. No problem I like that one too hihihihi. Then we looked at some bunk beds, and she liked those too. She was too funny the rest of the way, changing her mind every 30 minutes between the pink bed and the bunk bed!!!! In the end, I'll make the decision.