Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Valentines day Party

Some times it is a little hard to get the kids motivated to go to school. No motivation problems for me, I enjoy the 'kids free' hours!!

Today, I had an ace up my sleeve: Valentines Day Party Time. Sure enough, they were HAPPY to go! Bex kept repeating: party? party? party? You get the picture.

GM and I did some shopping, things for her to bring back. There are always a few things that are fun to bring back: jello boxes, cutting utensils (OXO), writing paper, projects to do with the kids ...
We found everything at Target, Hobby Lobby and Trader Joe's <- My 3 favorite places to shop.
Both of us though did notice how EMPTY the stores were. No one there. It was eery. I guess the recession is slowly hitting The Queen City.

The kids played outside again, it was just so nice.

Then for dinner, GM, Sydoux and I went out to The Olive Garden for dinner. Sydoux was on top of the world. On the way though, she decided she wanted to go to Friendly's because they had a straw that changed colors (hot/cold)!! I assured her that they would have nice deserts at TOG and she was ok with that. She ordered her favorite: spagetti with meatballs, Mom had her favorite: seafood alfredo pasta and I an appetizer sampler. Mom's was the best by far. I don't know why I always try something else, the seafood is just the best there.
It was really nice to go out with just the girls, and Sydoux is old enough that it is nice to bring her with us!!

Tomorrow is GM's last day and Sydoux is heartbroken. Hopefully we will make it a very nice last day.

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