Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There is still hope ...

... For my house and I.

It is quite obvious to anyone to has been to my house that:

1. I'm not the greatest cleaner ever.

2. I have not a clue what house decoration is all about. Our house look like college kids just moved it. Unorganized college kids with techy toys. Yup that is our style, but I don't care for it all that much.

So, it might change with IKEA. They have nice stuff, that matches. I think if I can stick with a style there, and little by little, doing a room at a time, I might well be able to pull something off.
And that has me very exited and happy!!!

This morning I took Bex with me, on our first time of what will be many. He loved running around, trying out the chairs.

Opening EVERY SINGLE drawer possible.

Then closing them all.

And finally playing at the train table. Mind you he has about the same here, though he has never played it it. The table is now converted into a LEGO
table with which he does play a lot.

Fun toys (a coffee pot) he found in a kitchen drawer.

Thus my plan to keep going to IKEA for house decoration and betterment.

Beside that, it was a fine day. I got to talk to a very good friend. Even is the news is not always good, being able to share so easily is priceless. I miss being close to my family and friends back home. With every year, it gets a little harder. Oh well. This year, we will be in France for 5 weeks, early July to mid August.

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