Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Every One!!

We can thank Jack for these Enormous Lollipops! The kids were so exited to eat them. The funny thing is that Sydoux had broken hers in pieces and wanted Bex' whole one. Once Bex saw that Sydoux' was in pieces, he attempted to break his :) Easy switch and everyone was happy!
It is now close to 6 PM and they are not done eating them.

Today GM left and we are all very sad. It was an awesome visit, we all had a great time. I tell her a lot of what the kids do/don't do, but seing it in real life is just so much more fun. Sydoux would try to speak french, and understood every thing GM said. Bex tried a little french too!! Very cute.

For us, having Mom watch the kids while we slept was just too cool. But also having someone to share our daily routine is special. Afternoon tea while we watch the kids is something to remember.

Watching the kids show off on the trampoline, in the pool, racing jumping running etc is just plain cute.

We can't wait to spend the summer with GM and Bon Papa.


  1. Those pictures are so cute... I had to show them off to my roommate- we've got a good looking family.