Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, we did it!!!

This morning, pulling out of the drive way:

Sydoux: Mom, looook the tree, it has SHRUNNNNK!!!
Me: excuse me?
S: the tree, Mom, it shrunk.
M: which tree?????
S: this one, there -> Pointing to a tree (more like a bush) that Mom cut back last week!!!!
M: ohhh that tree ... GM cut it back last week.
S: ah, just like last year huh?! She likes cutting I guess.

Dropping Sydoux off, using the car pool lane, first time with the new hair cut:

Miss B. (Part Time assistant): Waow Sydney, did you just cut your hair????
Sydney: Noooooooo, I cut it last night!

You can't make this stuff up!!!!

So while she was eating dinner, I cut and cut. I think the length and all the work to keep it that long was getting to her. Plus all her girlfriends at school have shortish hair. She wanted to be like them!!! Most of the time, she would say: I'm going to look just like you Mommy! This girl just warms my heart.

It's raining....Blah

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  1. Haircut, haircut done for me
    by my Mama, sweet is she.