Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny Things

Sydoux: Mom, can I have some sweater nuts?
Me: excuse me?
S: sweater nuts.
m: Im not sure which kind you mean.
S: yes, you KNOW, the kind that you peel?
m: the pistachios?
S: yes those, can I have some to eat????
m: why do you call them sweater nuts?
S:you know, when I peel them, they fall in my sweater ....

Bex is holding something and it falls:
B: ooooops 'aisy!!!

They crake me up.

Today on our walk with Maesi, Sydoux asked to have her hair cut. I think it is a good idea, it is getting really long. Once we got home though we forgot. So maybe tomorrow, look for some shorter hair pictures.

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