Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A fun day!

To start the day, we woke up with SNOW!!! Yes, it was a mere inch, but still it came as a surprise. The schools were close so we really got to sleep in and play and take our time. It was great since the kids wanted to show GM (Grand-mere, my Mom) EVERY SINGLE THING. From their bowls to their spoons, to where they sit and what they eat and how they eat it ... she had to witness it all. Good thing GMs tend to like that kind of stuff!!!

The kids went out a bit, but then Bex got annoyed at how cold his fingers got. We did not have any gloves. Then Sydoux got cold and came back. School -4 hours. Play in the snow +10 minutes. Really not a win/win situation.

Jon was able to come back for lunch, which has been very rare. He has been working late (10, 11 PM) and busy at lunch time.

Then Sydoux taught GM how to play 'go fish'. She looooves that game and was so psyched to play it. Two rounds and GM and I were exausted ... but Sydoux wanted to keep going!!
She got a letter in the mail from her other GM, and it came with 5 ballons. GM would blow them up and let them fly in the living room. The kids had a blast. During that time, I had to go to the dentist. yuck.

More playing, dinner, bath, bad ... I am tired!

Tomorrow is Sydoux' birthday day -1. Since she does not have school on Friday (the Day), I'll surprise her at school with some cupcakes and tea. Hopefully she'll like it!

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