Saturday, February 7, 2009

Birthday Girl and Sick Boy

What a day!!!

On one side we had birthday girl, who was soooo psyched to be FIVE.


And on the other, the sick boy who was miserable.


The parents were fairly miserable as well since neither of us slept. Bex and Sydoux kepts us up all night, one with the Croup (yes, I went to the dr. who get some help) and the other with growing pains. Good thing GM was here to help.

It was rather hard to be exited with Sydoux and at the same time helpful to Bex. Plus Sydoux was upset that her brother could not be there to play with her new toys.

Today, Bex was still sick, but it was Party Day, so around 12.30 I left alone with Party Girl. Mom stayed behind with Bex and Jon was working (much to much, but what are you going to do??)
She had an awesome time! All her friends were there. The party was at the Children Art Center, which is in an old warehouse. The structure inside is just cool! The kids could play together, or work on art projects. One of the favorite was a salad spinner: you put a white paper plate inside, add some liquid paint drops, spin and VOILA, beautiful art. Each kid did several. Another fave was the Floam table. There was a sensory bucket with sand and treasures, some painting and markers. It was really nice to see the kids go alone or play in groups.
Three moms stayed behind for conversation and help, and it rocked!
Thanks to everyone for a fab time.


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