Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Summer Day

I can't say enough of this nice weather!!! T-shirts today, yes yes, t-shirts!

Both kids went to school, which just feels like a vacation to me. Takes about two hours for me to miss them though :) During that time, GM and I had tea with a neighbor.
Then we got the kids from school and with some friends went to Jetton Park. Sydoux calls it 'her' park. When we first moved to NC, we stayed in Cornelius, and every morning, Sydoux and I would walk from the hotel to Jetton Park. It was the best couple of weeks. She learned to run, climb stairs and use the swings and slides there. It holds a special place in my heart.

Jon and I went out to dinner. First we checked out this surround sound store .... oh it was hard getting up from the comfy couches and HUGE tvs. One day ... right??!!!!
Then we went for sushi. I loooove sushi. I always order a roll, and a couple of pieces of sashimi salmon and something else. I can walk out full, but never stuffed. The best.

Then, we went to a bar. OMG, it had been sooooooooo long since we had been to a bar together. Years. Many years. It just felt weird. The smoking, the beers, the single people talking loudly to each other. Beuh, not our scene any more.

Little tv and bedtime.

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