Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All about Sydoux

Today was her field trip. Let me tell you that she was so exited. She had her cloths all ready. First we had to drop off Bex at school. Then, we drove to Birkdale, a local village/living community. It is not knew to her, since we often go as a family to Barnes and Nobles. She thought that it was a little strange to have a field trip there.
Once there, that was a story time (just one story, which really, is not enough when you have a whole class (but I guess better than nothing)). Then they had some crayons and a paper to color.
After that, the whole class went to a Paint Your Pottery place. It was really well organized. Each kid had a flower to paint with 5 different colors. They had these tiny paintbrushes to work with tough. I asked the lady for bigger ones, and she explained that kids got bored with the bigger ones, so they had to have the small ones. What evah. Then everyone was helping the kids paint the whole surface. I mean the flowers were rather big. Anyways, it got done, and really I think it will look nice.
Afterward, the kids played in the square. One of the kids was having a fit. He wanted nothing to do with the trip and just begged to go home. On and on he was going. I just wish that if that happened to my Sydoux, I would be notified asap. It is heart wrenching to watch.
I could not take much more of all the commotion so I left, and Jon joined me for a nice lunch the two of us.

Then we both went to get our girl, and she was pretty happy to see us both. Of course we stopped at the ice cream store! Well, we were not the only ones there!! Other moms had the same idea ;)

All in all, a great day for Sydoux.

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