Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There is still hope ...

... For my house and I.

It is quite obvious to anyone to has been to my house that:

1. I'm not the greatest cleaner ever.

2. I have not a clue what house decoration is all about. Our house look like college kids just moved it. Unorganized college kids with techy toys. Yup that is our style, but I don't care for it all that much.

So, it might change with IKEA. They have nice stuff, that matches. I think if I can stick with a style there, and little by little, doing a room at a time, I might well be able to pull something off.
And that has me very exited and happy!!!

This morning I took Bex with me, on our first time of what will be many. He loved running around, trying out the chairs.

Opening EVERY SINGLE drawer possible.

Then closing them all.

And finally playing at the train table. Mind you he has about the same here, though he has never played it it. The table is now converted into a LEGO
table with which he does play a lot.

Fun toys (a coffee pot) he found in a kitchen drawer.

Thus my plan to keep going to IKEA for house decoration and betterment.

Beside that, it was a fine day. I got to talk to a very good friend. Even is the news is not always good, being able to share so easily is priceless. I miss being close to my family and friends back home. With every year, it gets a little harder. Oh well. This year, we will be in France for 5 weeks, early July to mid August.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All about Sydoux

Today was her field trip. Let me tell you that she was so exited. She had her cloths all ready. First we had to drop off Bex at school. Then, we drove to Birkdale, a local village/living community. It is not knew to her, since we often go as a family to Barnes and Nobles. She thought that it was a little strange to have a field trip there.
Once there, that was a story time (just one story, which really, is not enough when you have a whole class (but I guess better than nothing)). Then they had some crayons and a paper to color.
After that, the whole class went to a Paint Your Pottery place. It was really well organized. Each kid had a flower to paint with 5 different colors. They had these tiny paintbrushes to work with tough. I asked the lady for bigger ones, and she explained that kids got bored with the bigger ones, so they had to have the small ones. What evah. Then everyone was helping the kids paint the whole surface. I mean the flowers were rather big. Anyways, it got done, and really I think it will look nice.
Afterward, the kids played in the square. One of the kids was having a fit. He wanted nothing to do with the trip and just begged to go home. On and on he was going. I just wish that if that happened to my Sydoux, I would be notified asap. It is heart wrenching to watch.
I could not take much more of all the commotion so I left, and Jon joined me for a nice lunch the two of us.

Then we both went to get our girl, and she was pretty happy to see us both. Of course we stopped at the ice cream store! Well, we were not the only ones there!! Other moms had the same idea ;)

All in all, a great day for Sydoux.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

All about Bex!!!!

What a fun day!!! Play play play. Jon got this new game (Rockband) that comes with a set of drums, and let me tell you, the kids LOVED it!!! There is Bex playing: he really got into it, hammering everything, even dancing on his feet.

Later in the day he went upstairs, got the baby pink monkey, strapped it to his neck, came down and pointed at his 'bibi' :)

Sydoux is one of very few girls in our neighborhood, she often feels a little left out in the sea of boys. So she goes in and out, stays with mommy, jumps on the trampoline, but really, I can tell she wants a girlfriend. She is looking forward to school tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm so psyched ...

For two reasons:

1. The picture above was taken with my phone. (hihihi, it is new (Blackberry Pearl)). I love the resolution and the ease of use, and the fact that it is as easy to transfer to my computer as my regular camera is.

2. The kids, the dog and I went to Latta Plantation, had a great walk, snack on the rock and just an awesome time.

Really though, I'm just happy I can take pictures, good pictures on the go, without having to bring my huge camera. The lens is so sensitive that I'm always concerned I might scratch it. The camera is heavy, and bulky. Now, with the phone, I can just go! woooohooooo

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, we did it!!!

This morning, pulling out of the drive way:

Sydoux: Mom, looook the tree, it has SHRUNNNNK!!!
Me: excuse me?
S: the tree, Mom, it shrunk.
M: which tree?????
S: this one, there -> Pointing to a tree (more like a bush) that Mom cut back last week!!!!
M: ohhh that tree ... GM cut it back last week.
S: ah, just like last year huh?! She likes cutting I guess.

Dropping Sydoux off, using the car pool lane, first time with the new hair cut:

Miss B. (Part Time assistant): Waow Sydney, did you just cut your hair????
Sydney: Noooooooo, I cut it last night!

You can't make this stuff up!!!!

So while she was eating dinner, I cut and cut. I think the length and all the work to keep it that long was getting to her. Plus all her girlfriends at school have shortish hair. She wanted to be like them!!! Most of the time, she would say: I'm going to look just like you Mommy! This girl just warms my heart.

It's raining....Blah

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny Things

Sydoux: Mom, can I have some sweater nuts?
Me: excuse me?
S: sweater nuts.
m: Im not sure which kind you mean.
S: yes, you KNOW, the kind that you peel?
m: the pistachios?
S: yes those, can I have some to eat????
m: why do you call them sweater nuts?
S:you know, when I peel them, they fall in my sweater ....

Bex is holding something and it falls:
B: ooooops 'aisy!!!

They crake me up.

Today on our walk with Maesi, Sydoux asked to have her hair cut. I think it is a good idea, it is getting really long. Once we got home though we forgot. So maybe tomorrow, look for some shorter hair pictures.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Every One!!

We can thank Jack for these Enormous Lollipops! The kids were so exited to eat them. The funny thing is that Sydoux had broken hers in pieces and wanted Bex' whole one. Once Bex saw that Sydoux' was in pieces, he attempted to break his :) Easy switch and everyone was happy!
It is now close to 6 PM and they are not done eating them.

Today GM left and we are all very sad. It was an awesome visit, we all had a great time. I tell her a lot of what the kids do/don't do, but seing it in real life is just so much more fun. Sydoux would try to speak french, and understood every thing GM said. Bex tried a little french too!! Very cute.

For us, having Mom watch the kids while we slept was just too cool. But also having someone to share our daily routine is special. Afternoon tea while we watch the kids is something to remember.

Watching the kids show off on the trampoline, in the pool, racing jumping running etc is just plain cute.

We can't wait to spend the summer with GM and Bon Papa.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Valentines day Party

Some times it is a little hard to get the kids motivated to go to school. No motivation problems for me, I enjoy the 'kids free' hours!!

Today, I had an ace up my sleeve: Valentines Day Party Time. Sure enough, they were HAPPY to go! Bex kept repeating: party? party? party? You get the picture.

GM and I did some shopping, things for her to bring back. There are always a few things that are fun to bring back: jello boxes, cutting utensils (OXO), writing paper, projects to do with the kids ...
We found everything at Target, Hobby Lobby and Trader Joe's <- My 3 favorite places to shop.
Both of us though did notice how EMPTY the stores were. No one there. It was eery. I guess the recession is slowly hitting The Queen City.

The kids played outside again, it was just so nice.

Then for dinner, GM, Sydoux and I went out to The Olive Garden for dinner. Sydoux was on top of the world. On the way though, she decided she wanted to go to Friendly's because they had a straw that changed colors (hot/cold)!! I assured her that they would have nice deserts at TOG and she was ok with that. She ordered her favorite: spagetti with meatballs, Mom had her favorite: seafood alfredo pasta and I an appetizer sampler. Mom's was the best by far. I don't know why I always try something else, the seafood is just the best there.
It was really nice to go out with just the girls, and Sydoux is old enough that it is nice to bring her with us!!

Tomorrow is GM's last day and Sydoux is heartbroken. Hopefully we will make it a very nice last day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Summer Day

I can't say enough of this nice weather!!! T-shirts today, yes yes, t-shirts!

Both kids went to school, which just feels like a vacation to me. Takes about two hours for me to miss them though :) During that time, GM and I had tea with a neighbor.
Then we got the kids from school and with some friends went to Jetton Park. Sydoux calls it 'her' park. When we first moved to NC, we stayed in Cornelius, and every morning, Sydoux and I would walk from the hotel to Jetton Park. It was the best couple of weeks. She learned to run, climb stairs and use the swings and slides there. It holds a special place in my heart.

Jon and I went out to dinner. First we checked out this surround sound store .... oh it was hard getting up from the comfy couches and HUGE tvs. One day ... right??!!!!
Then we went for sushi. I loooove sushi. I always order a roll, and a couple of pieces of sashimi salmon and something else. I can walk out full, but never stuffed. The best.

Then, we went to a bar. OMG, it had been sooooooooo long since we had been to a bar together. Years. Many years. It just felt weird. The smoking, the beers, the single people talking loudly to each other. Beuh, not our scene any more.

Little tv and bedtime.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost Summer

It is almost summer, it would have been nice if it was not so early. Bex was up at 5 am. Coughing, talking coughing arghhh. Could not get him back to sleep.

Finally at 7.30 AM he went to see GM who was having breakfast with Sydoux. Caught 45 minutes more sleep!

Sydoux was fine going to school, but I think she wanted to stay with GM. They had such a great day though. This school rocks!

Lazy afternoon playing and jumping on the trampoline. Snack was ice ... no complaints!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Birthday Girl and Sick Boy

What a day!!!

On one side we had birthday girl, who was soooo psyched to be FIVE.


And on the other, the sick boy who was miserable.


The parents were fairly miserable as well since neither of us slept. Bex and Sydoux kepts us up all night, one with the Croup (yes, I went to the dr. who get some help) and the other with growing pains. Good thing GM was here to help.

It was rather hard to be exited with Sydoux and at the same time helpful to Bex. Plus Sydoux was upset that her brother could not be there to play with her new toys.

Today, Bex was still sick, but it was Party Day, so around 12.30 I left alone with Party Girl. Mom stayed behind with Bex and Jon was working (much to much, but what are you going to do??)
She had an awesome time! All her friends were there. The party was at the Children Art Center, which is in an old warehouse. The structure inside is just cool! The kids could play together, or work on art projects. One of the favorite was a salad spinner: you put a white paper plate inside, add some liquid paint drops, spin and VOILA, beautiful art. Each kid did several. Another fave was the Floam table. There was a sensory bucket with sand and treasures, some painting and markers. It was really nice to see the kids go alone or play in groups.
Three moms stayed behind for conversation and help, and it rocked!
Thanks to everyone for a fab time.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A fun day!

To start the day, we woke up with SNOW!!! Yes, it was a mere inch, but still it came as a surprise. The schools were close so we really got to sleep in and play and take our time. It was great since the kids wanted to show GM (Grand-mere, my Mom) EVERY SINGLE THING. From their bowls to their spoons, to where they sit and what they eat and how they eat it ... she had to witness it all. Good thing GMs tend to like that kind of stuff!!!

The kids went out a bit, but then Bex got annoyed at how cold his fingers got. We did not have any gloves. Then Sydoux got cold and came back. School -4 hours. Play in the snow +10 minutes. Really not a win/win situation.

Jon was able to come back for lunch, which has been very rare. He has been working late (10, 11 PM) and busy at lunch time.

Then Sydoux taught GM how to play 'go fish'. She looooves that game and was so psyched to play it. Two rounds and GM and I were exausted ... but Sydoux wanted to keep going!!
She got a letter in the mail from her other GM, and it came with 5 ballons. GM would blow them up and let them fly in the living room. The kids had a blast. During that time, I had to go to the dentist. yuck.

More playing, dinner, bath, bad ... I am tired!

Tomorrow is Sydoux' birthday day -1. Since she does not have school on Friday (the Day), I'll surprise her at school with some cupcakes and tea. Hopefully she'll like it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today is the Big Day Before!!!

Bex: Sex Mama
Me: Huh???? ... think think thing ... what were we doing ... handing him a lego ...ahhh
Lightbulb goes off ... Thanks mama :)

Tomorrow is the big day: Mom is arriving mid afternoon at the local airport.
Sydoux is soooo psyched! Today we are finishing cleaning/vacuuming her room. Mom will stay there, and Sydoux in our room.
We got fresh flowers for the kitchen, full pantry ... we are ready!!!
I'm not sure that Bex really understands what is going on, but at least he knows who 'Grand-Mere' is, which is pretty big.