Saturday, January 31, 2009

untypical saturday

Today was just different! First Jon has been working so hard that we are both just tired. We slept in while the kids were playing/watching tv. The kids played with cardboard boxes all morning. It still amazes me how they can play for hours with simple things.

Then the kids went to a birthday party, it was rather strange to have the house to ourselves. Instead of staying put, we went to verizon to get a new phone for Jon. He needs one with email and other stuff. A new blackberry storm he got. I could not find one that I really like for a reasonable price. You would think that they would try hard to sell you anything, nope. There was not one phone that was free. I had to ask the salesman and he went out back to pull out an old thing. Really, with the recession and all, I thought they would have much better deals.
It took about 1.5 hour to get the new phone. So much waiting.

We got the kids back, they played some more. We started watching a movie, and then it was dinner time already. Usually they will have dinner at 'kidtime' (the child watch place) but since they already had pizza for lunch, and kidtime only serves pizza, we went after dinner.
So for the second (third if you count the morning sleeping time) we were without the kids!!!!
We went to Target to get some presents for Sydoux' birthday party.

Now she is pretty funny about her birthday. It is a huge deal for her (probably because I always made a huge deal). She likes to plan all the details, talk about it for hours. Every night we go over one part or another of the planning. At the same time, she wants it to be a surprise!!!! She can't understand that you can't plan it and have it be a surprise at the same time. So what is a mom to do: well, I think we will have a surprise with just us (and my mom who is coming for the event), on Friday, her actual birthday. I'll make the butterfly cake, and give her a couple of presents. Then on Saturday, we'll have the party with all her friends, the cup cakes with red icing.

Lots going on!!!

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  1. First of all, FREAKIN' ADORABLE as usual.

    Second, imagining Sydoux planning her b-day but wanting to be surprised just made me smile.

    Third, reading your blog (okay, I admit, this is my first time... I'm up late with pain-killer-induced insomnia), makes me miss you that much more.

    And finally, did your mom get there alright or has she not left yet? Let me know when she makes it.