Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trip to Urgent care.

As I was cooking dinner, Sydoux cried and cried saying that it hurts when she goes to the bathroom. This is not the first time it happened, but this time it seems like the pain was so much worse. The poor thing was shaking.

Of course, the dr. office is closed. I did call the on-call nurse and call a call back about 30 minutes later. We were already on the way to Urgent Care.

There are some things that I can treat at home, but there is no messing around with a Urinary Track Infection (UTI). It can affect several organs and be pretty nasty.

So off we go. Well, I did not have my health insurance card with me, and the first place would not see us. WHAT???? I told them I could call DH to get the numbers. NO. NEED THE CARD.

So off to the second place, where there were no problems with me calling DH. I was glad, since it was rather empty. Sydoux is freaking out though. The minute I mention 'go to the bathroom' she because hysterical, crying and shaking. Oh boy. Not an easy one.

Once we settle in, I'm filling out the paperwork, the kids are watching their tvs, it is fine.
The nurse calls us in, and tells her that she needs to go. More crying and shaking, and a firme NO I will NOT go. I try to reason, to bribe, to hold and to talk her through it. No go.
The nurse says that it can wait. Let's talk to the dr.
So we measure, weight her, talk some more. I had been trying to get her to drink more water. The nurse comes in with a full glass of water. A trooper, she drinks it.
Dr. comes in, tells her she needs to go, she cries. Dr looks down there, says it is irritated and tells her she needs to go!!!!
So back to the bathroom we go. More crying, shaking. Poor thing. I feel soooo bad. There are not many arounds this though.

So out goes my trump card: 'You know, it might not hurt this time, you really don't know'
Well it worked. On the potty she goes.

And goes, and goes and goes. Must have been half a gallon. With tears down her face, a beaming smile she says "it does not hurt anymore".

Sure enough it is a probably just irritated on the outside.

Ahhhhh must love these kids. Tell you what though, she was pretty relieved that there was no pain.

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