Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sad things and Good things

Starting with the sad, my brother's best friend was buried Monday. His death was both untimely and shocking. Many are left behind, wondering how such horror can happen. What of the children left behind, what of the brothers and sisters who had previously lost a sibling too early as well, what of the friend and family?
We all morn the loss, each in our own way. The children seem to deal best, yet their questions bring tears to the adults, who in turn realize all the more the aching loss.

On a Good thing note, we have a new President. For the first time, I took the time and listened to his speech. It was inspiring, trying to bring different people together, and asking every one to participate in the recovery. Is is not the man that can do the work alone, but it is the task of the man to motive the public to each play a role and turn things around.

Yesterday was a 'snow day'. Right. There was NOTHING. The kids looked out, waowed and all, went out for 5 minutes and then came back in frozen. Beuuuuhhh.
So both of them were out of school. Sydoux had already been out on Monday because of a holiday. And now they were both out on Tuesday.
We cleaned, we played and we watched TV.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your bro's friend. I only heard about that ice storm from you and by then, Sam had been to work and back (with Lily on the back of his bike !!!!!!!) and I had one of those after-the-fact reactions where the blood rushes out of your face and you feel dizzy and sick and I thought about what if something had happened to them both.

    I'm so sorry. So, so sorry.

    As for O, yeah, I was inspired by the speech. I'm biting my nails and watching him cautiously, but I'm on the hope/change wagon, too. I'm not yet putting on my Sunday best to go to Church of Obama, yet, though.