Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The loss of 'Gil Grissom'

As some of you may know, this week will be the exit episode of Gil Grissom. For the past 9 years, starting in 1999, Gil has been welcome into our home, every Thursday night.

In 1999, CSI started, staring William Petersen, aka Gil Grissom.
In 1999, Jon and I were living in the Bronx.
In 2000, we moved to Brooklyn and Grissom stayed with us. Every thursday night, at 9 PM we would tune in and enjoy watching the team solve crimes.

In 2001 my brother and his wife came to visit. Of course we introduced them to Grissom. They liked the show but were shocked by the amount of advertising. In France, you have much much less ads, and of all things, there is a little jingle that lets you know you are about to see some ads. We have none of that, and they were always wondering if it was part of the show, or a commercial!

In 2003, while I was pregnant, expectantly waiting, I was watching Grissom.

In 2004, when we moved to Columbus GA, Grissom followed us. We started right were we left off, no explanation needed.

2006 saw the birth of our son, and Grissom was right there with us.

Through out the years, we had DVR on and off, so the 9 PM time was changed, but Grissom did not.

Through these 9 years, we have moved (6 times), changed jobs (6 times for Jon), lost cats (2), gained kids (2), gained a dog and through all that the one thing that has not changed (besides our commitment to each other) was Grissom!!!!

Billy Petersen says that he won't miss his alter ego.

I will.

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