Saturday, January 17, 2009


Bex this morning:

poon mammy, kankou. (spoon, thankyou)
No paps mommy, oatmeal. Noyet paps. He finishes his oatmeal. Yet paps, mommy kankou. (chocolate puffs)

He cracks me up!!

So it is cold. Sooooo cold and we are not quit used to that here. Usually I can get away with going out with just a sweater. Not now. Nope, need the scarf, gloves, hat and big jacket. To avoid all that, we are staying home!!!

Sydoux when to a birthday party and had a great time. I was worried the whole time she was gone!! I can get so worried about my princess! She came back safe and sounds, had a blast and a purple balloon.

I stayed home the rest of the day. Jon and Bex when to get a popcorn popper. I don't know why, the unit, a Chefmate SUCKS big time. The kernels flew all over the place, less than half the popcorn was popped and even though we had a big bowl under, the popcorn was all over the place. Guess who has to clean up. So we are going to return the unit to Target and use our favorite to order a new one. The kids did not mind though, happy they got any popcorn at all, and just playing with the bowl!!!

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  1. I need to get one of those things. I used to sing the praises of micro popcorn and still giggle when the French watch me pop a bag over here and see their cute little faces react like they've been in prison the last 50 years and just discovered the microwave or internet or something. They're like, "Wow, that's SO cool!" Cute, huh? But yeah, I had a bag the other day and while I used to just worship the stuff, this time it tasted like CRAP!!! I couldn't even finish it (and I usually can eat two bags to myself). I guess my new diet has ruined my palate for American crap food, huh?

    But what to do? I can't spring for the ridiculous sum an air popper costs over here only to have to leave it here when I go back to the States. And I don't know anyone who likes popcorn, so on top of it all, I'll leave it here to peeps who don't appreciate it.

    Hey, you think your mom would want it when I leave? I kid, I kid.