Friday, January 23, 2009


A couple weeks ago I received a letter telling me that I had an appointment with a nutritionist. I thought that was really weird, and really did not know where that was coming from. Since the appointment was schedules for a Friday, I know I'd have both kids with me. Part of me wanted to cancel because I just don't like to leave the house, and have the kids with me at an appointment is never easy. But, at the same time, who can't learn more about nutrition these days?? And since I would have the kids with me, well, they could surely learn a thing or two.

So I left, both kids in two on a FREEZING day. (Once again I thought about canceling).

We made it there. Nice little office in the clinic. A lady was waiting for me, a little taken back by the fact I had kids with me. I asked her if that was ok, and she said 'sure'.

On the left wall of the office, there were 6 shelves full of plastic foods!!! Not the cheap kind that you get at Wal-Mart for a $ but really nice kind. The texture and colors were great.

Eventually I asked the Lady why I was there, and she said that I had high cholesterol!!! 216.
I was pretty surprised, it used to be very low. Then again, it was low before the kids, when I still still a vegetarian.

Once I got home, I started reading labels.


more tomorrow!

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