Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays Card

Happy Holidays from the Andrews Farm 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009


I know I'm a little late ... shit happens what can I say.

Anyways It was an AWESOME thanksgiving, especially for the kids. They had so many cousins! Even Sydoux had a little girl her age to play with, and yes, they played played played.

Jon spent a lot of time with his brothers, and I got to relax. I was still trying to get over my winter crud.

I was amazed at how old the kids are getting. There were no more diaper changes, no more being scared they would fall in the pond, no more chasing after them. It was almost boring!!!!

Here are the pictures.

Zach and his son Hunter

Men and boys playing dominoes.

Tea Time!!!!

Tea time with snacks

Meryn ... the youngest of the grandkids.

A bunch of cousin boys!!! Bex, Hunter, Baden and Charlie.


Bex and Hunter ... do they look alike?

More boys!!! Bex, Hunter, Charlie and Kyle

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It was so tough to say

Sometimes things are hard to say. I don't usually have a problem with all the weird questions that kids ask but last night I was really choked up.

This is what happened.

At 9.30 til 10:00 AM I was volunteering at Sydoux' school. I do that every Wednesday.
Then at 10:00 AM I had a meeting, with Jon, with one of the school speech therapist for Bex.

It all went fine, looks like he is going to qualify for services, until when we left the building.

She saw both of us at 10:30. I could tell from her look that she knew something was going on.

She really did not bring it up when she got home but we talked about it after the bedtime story.

I don't know why but it was so hard to explain that Bex' speech is not were it should be, and that he is going to have speech therapy, and it will happen at her school (no, he won't be talking the bus) and that is why we were both there.

She thought it was a little funny when I explain the stuttering, and she knew what I was talking about!!

I also got the feeling that she understood why he will be getting services. Maybe she has been annoyed as well at not being able to communicate with her brother?

I was very close to tears when I left her room.

Hopefully, and I know it will because I can see it, it will resolve itself soon.

Thanksgiving pictures coming up.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some of this, some of that

Things are busy. It is the busy season. Halloween, birthdays, parties, visits then Thanksgiving, Jon's birthday, Xmas, Sydoux' birthday, Mom's visit .... and then the busy season ends.

Last weekend Grandpa Jack came for a visit. The kids wanted to play but he kinda just looked at them funny. Eventually they agreed on a game of Guess Who. It is one of our new board games and Sydoux LOVES it. Bex can be a good helper. If only he could talk ... Anyways.

While here, GJ did a great treasure hunt outside. The kids love it, it is the best part from them.
We also worked on the outside right wall. Two more loads of dirt and one more load of stones. We are done with the stones on that side, but I think we need at least four more loads of dirt.

The weather was phenomenal and we all spend most of the weekend outside. The kids were running from house to house to house and having a blast. Nice weather just makes things easier.

I had ordered this book from the library ... I was number 241. Could not believe it. It took over three months for me to get: The Girl Who played with Fire by Stieg Larsson.
It is the second book in his series Millenium. I loooooved that book. Sooo engrossed in it, love the writing, the story everything.

And now I'm bummed. It is finished. I wish it could go on and on and on. Book 3 is not yet available here, but I'm going to use my secret weapon and have Mom mail it to me, as it is available in France.

The series are a huge hit in Europe, but no so much here. Oh well. I still think it is the best books I've read in a long long time.

Today was Bex' Family Lunch @ school. I have a few videos I'll try to post next time.

I'm trying to organize a soccer class for Bex for January. It is really easy to find 5 little guys to want to play soccer, so that is going well. I'm going to try to put Sydney in a more 'serious' league and we'll see how that goes.

Now some pictures:

Jack on the trampoline.
Getting on the trampoline to the delight of the kids

He really did give it a good try.

And he's down

Up again ... careful you kids though ...

The after the hunt picture

Counting the loot



Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Here are a few!

We had such a good time:

1st at the Chik-fil-A party. The kids were running around wild and loved having their costumes. Plus there were several friends, and that always makes it more fun.

2nd we went to Halloween Bounce at Bounce U. Bex loved it. Sydoux was a little run down but she liked it as well. I had to pry them away!!!

3nd Lisa threw a fab Halloween Party at her house. So many Halloween treats, a treasure hunt, some crafts. Good time.

4th The Official Trick or Treat night. So much fun. We even did some with the little truck. Should have seen these kids driving from door to door. We also hooked up with some friends and it was a mad rush from house to house. We did get rained on and I did not care for that too much.

So it was all good. Well except for a fever here and there. I was terrified of the Killer H1N1 but here it has been rather mild. Fever in the morning then gone. Maybe it was something else.

Also pictures of the change of flag from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And time flies ...

When I look at the last pictures the kids were wearing t-shirts. Now it is sweaters and jackets!!!

Quite a bit is going on:

Yesterday was Bex' second speech eval. He did better than average on comprehension and basic speech. His main problem is stuttering and sentence formation. Now we have to wait two months to speak with someone from the local school. I'm hoping he can get services for stuttering and that will help him talk in general. It is sooo painful to hear him try to talk right now.

Monday they both had their field trips ... fun for them, cold for me! I did one with Sydoux and now have done one with Bex ... and I am done.

Today they both have their Fall Party. I'm not going to Bex' but Bex and I are going to Sydoux'!!! They are going to be sooo hyper on sugar. Then we have soccer, they still both love it.And then .... I'm having a second helping of Ladies Night Out because my friend Joelie is in town ... YEAHHHHH

I made her a halloween hanging thingy. Now in my mind I lOVE sewing, but once I have to sit down, the love takes a nose dive. Plus then when I check my work, I find that I suck. I really love the idea of sewing though, so I'm thinking about taking some classes next year to get a little better. Sydoux loves cloths and I'd like to make her a few things.

Tomorrow is Sydoux' first parent/teacher conference and I'm all exited!!!!! She has been doing great so I'm not at all worried. Just kinda curious as so what he is going to say.

Also both kids are off tomorrow and friday.

Friday we are going to a halloween party at Bounce You.

Saturday Halloween party at Lisa's.

Saturday night Halloween trick or treat in the neighborhood. I got a costume for Maesi!!!

So yeah busy busy busy busy. And I still manage to study, clean the house, keep the fridge full ...

Fall Activities as Sydoux calls it!!!!

At Bex' Field Trip:

They have a corn pit.

I'm soo strong

My turn to take pictures Mom (I picture)

Which one to pick ...

I'm this tall. I have to find the picture of Sydoux at the same place.

Sydoux and Maesi in a squirrel costume.

Soccer time

Friday, October 16, 2009

My non verbal child.

That is what I say when people try to talk to him, and he hides and giggles and vocalized, but does not talk. I say: He's non verbal. I've been saying that for a long time now. I mean I know he talks when he is with me or his Dad. He answers yes or no to his verbal sisters constant yes or no questions. But when we are out of the house, he is my non verbal child.

Most people say, don't worry when he is ready he won't shut up. Don't worry, he understands everything, when he is ready he'll talk. Don't worry blah blah blah.
And I understand that. I can tell he understands. I can tell he will talk when ready.

But then he started stuttering. Once again, don't worry it is his mind that is going faster than his mouth. Don't worry my son/daughter stuttered and it went away.

It is not that I worry per say. It is that I want to catch a problem if there is one. I don't want to way until it gets worse. I see how he does not talk to his class mate and how embarrassed he is when he has to. I see how uncomfortable he is with strangers. I see all that.

So I made the appointment for verbal testing.

He went for one hour and past most of it. Which I knew he would. But there is always 'most of it', not all of it. So there is something. The tester was not sure exactly what 'it' is, but something is a little off. We are going for another hour of testing to figure what is lacking. There might be nothing. He will be fine I know it. The one thing I don't want is for him to be embarrassed to talk and to regress further.

We always joke that with the verbal child we always knew what she knew because she spews so much, and with the non verbal one we are always surprise and have no idea what is coming out.

So there, you have it. My non verbal child that I love so much.

On other notes Jon has been working so hard, I think he had 2 nights off in the last 10 days. And yes, he will be working tomorrow Saturday all day. Blah.

Sydoux is still absolutely loving school. I mentioned a dark side to her to her teacher in a email and he said: dark side?? I see no dark side .... Oh wait my friend. Just wait a little more. She might never show it though. But she sure had a dark side!!!!

Soccer is going super well. Both kids looooove it. I actually took some picture and when I get off my lazy ass, I'll post them. I just wish I could wave the camera to the comptuer and the pictures would be transfer to the blog. In the mean, just wait.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pictures: Jack, letterboxing, BOB etc

I'm a little late on pictures.

Grandpa Jack came to spend the weekend last week. He came first thing in the morning with donuts, which was very exiting for the kids. He brought some candy for a treasure hunt. I tell you, Sydoux remembers all the treasure hunts he did, and within 30 minutes Grandpa Jack was hiding candy in the back yard.

We also did a Letterboxing hunt in Hollerbrock park. It was awesome except for the part where Jon hurt his knee.

We came home to a lunch which had been cooking for 12 hours in the oven. Those ribs where melting :)
Unfortunately I had some and that made me realllly sick. I have been slipping a bit on my veganwithfish diet but pork was too much.
Then Jon had made this awesome panna cotta and I had some and sure enough, that amount of dairy was not good.

Good night sleep and I was all better in the morning. We went to IKEA for breakfast (I did not eat ... sticking to my diet!!) but everyone enjoyed it. We did get some new furniture: new beds for the kids. They are the loft kind that can reverse into a regular bed. So it had the loft setting for Sydoux and regular for Bex. It smells sooo good up there now :)

Then Grandpa Jack left for his second leg of the trip.

Jon has been on call this week so we pretty much have not seen him. We just did our usual stuff, school, soccer on Wednesday, library on Thursday.

We sold BOB (help with the new beds and also the kids had pretty much outgrown it, and I wanted them to start walking more). Sydoux was very very sad about it. So we took a few pictures of her with BOB and here are some older pictures. Thanks again GuiGui for this awesome present.

First time she rode in BOB. She was 3 weeks old!!

Sydoux and Bex in BOB

BOB and Sydoux

Sydoux as a budding photographer.

On our way to letterboxing

Busy in their playroom

Maesi Maesi Maesi

Sydoux and her friend Dylan

Our superheros, Mine is the one with the yellow (lello) boots.

They asked me to take this picture and share it with everyone!!!!